What Is
HomeAid Houston?

HomeAid Houston is the link between local non-profit care providers in need of construction assistance and builder professionals who want to give back to the community.

HomeAid Houston works with members of the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA) to facilitate new construction and remodeling of shelters and facilities by bringing together industry professionals and local non-profit care providers. Each project HomeAid Houston commits to provides critical resources to the non-profit care providers who assist those in our community facing or experiencing homelessness.

Most of the homeless in our community are temporarily or “transitionally” homeless and come from high-risk populations, such as veterans, single parents, youth, seniors, intellectually and developmentally disabled, or those recovering from addiction or incarceration. We are lucky to have a wonderful and diverse group of non-profit care providers across Houston who are working to fight homelessness by supporting and equipping these high-risk groups by giving them a chance to get back on their feet and move toward self-sufficiency. The agencies we work with, who become HomeAid Houston Agency Partners, offer various programs in addition to safe and stable housing, such as physical and emotional support services, individual and group counseling, education and job skills training, child care, and much more.

Our Agency Partners serve a wide range of groups facing or experiencing homelessness:

  • Mothers and children in crisis
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Women in crisis who are pregnant and those with newborns
  • Pregnant teens and teen mothers and their babies
  • At-risk teens with no place to go
  • Homeless children
  • Homeless individuals as a result of job loss, catastrophic illness, divorce, or desertion
  • Male and female veterans
  • Youth aging or who have aged out of foster care
  • Adults living with HIV/AIDS
  • Individuals and families suffering from drug and alcohol abuse or addiction
  • Individuals affected by natural disasters and other catastrophes
  • Adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)

Our Vision Statement

HomeAid’s vision is to be a vital force in creating safe and dignified housing and programmatic facilities for those who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Our Mission

HomeAid’s mission is to help people experiencing or at risk of homelessness build new lives through construction, community engagement, and education.

Our Core Values

Inclusiveness: Valuing that every individual has worth and human dignity through a willingness to help our neighbors in times of need and to understand the unique stories behind each individual we serve.

Collaboration: Embracing working together as a community to achieve what is not possible alone.

Integrity: Ensuring that everything we do is accomplished with a sense of responsibility, honesty, respect, confidence, and a commitment to stay consistently aligned with our mission

Our Building Model

Aligning with local and national builders as well as local homeless service agencies, HomeAid has created a unique approach to completing housing projects for today’s homeless. The process of a HomeAid Houston project begins with identifying a local homeless care provider and determining their particular need, possibly building a cottage to serve abused children, remodeling existing facilities to support disabled veterans, or simply gathering a group of volunteers to freshen up the campus’ landscaping.

Once the need and location are identified, a Builder or Remodeler Captain is selected from the GHBA membership to manage the housing project from start to finish. The Builder or Remodeler Captain also works with their trades, such as carpenters, plumbers, insulators, and roofers, to secure additional donations of labor, materials, and other services for the project. Once the project is complete, the agency owns and operates the facility and continues to provide services to assist their residents in becoming self-sufficient.

HomeAid Houston’s Building Model

HomeAid Houston selects a homeless care provider based on a request that comes in for a new construction or remodeling project.
A Builder or Remodeler Captain is recruited from the GHBA membership.
Donations of labor and materials are secured by GHBA members.
The project breaks ground and construction officially begins.
The project is completed and dedicated to the care provider.
Residents move in or resume using the facility and continue to receive care!

Maximizing Each Dollar

What truly differentiates each HomeAid chapter from other non-profit organizations, especially in the building industry, is its model for affiliating with their local home building association to become the residential construction resource of choice for all non-profit care providers in the area while also increasing awareness for homelessness through the chapter’s community outreach program.

HomeAid America creates and supports each chapter as they partner with local non-profit care providers to build new or renovate the agency’s existing facilities. The chapter then solicits builders and trade partners to manage and complete the construction, turning the finished projects over to the service providers. The key to HomeAid’s success is leveraging in-kind donations of building materials and labor of professional builders well beyond the cash donations that are received. Through industry contacts and the contributions of in-kind donations from building partners, HomeAid multiplies the effect of every cash dollar received two-fold. In terms of return on investment (ROI) and increasing the retail value of the finished housing projects, the HomeAid model remains unparalleled in the non-profit world.

Through HomeAid’s unique building model, the generosity of the building industry, its trade donors, financial institutions, and the public, and the input and support of community leaders and government officials, HomeAid Houston is able to complete much-needed projects while offering large cost savings to the Agency Partners.

The typical cost savings depends on the type and scope of the project:

Our Impact

Since HomeAid Houston was established in 2003, over 77 construction and renovation projects have been completed for our Agency Partners. These projects have made a huge difference in Houston and surrounding areas. Over $16 million in housing and improvements has been added to the community and more than 1,800 beds have been added or impacted, contributing to more than 1.3 million nights of sleep! Our Agency Partners continue to positively impact Houston's homeless and collectively serve over 46,000 men, women, children, and veterans each year. HomeAid Houston is always working on various construction and remodeling projects.

To learn more about our current and completed projects, please visit the project page.

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